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by laurken kendall

I'm laurken (Lar-kin), an internationally published Mother/photographer. 

Life is beautifully chaotic. I travel for 98% of my work and manage 25+ clients yearly. My process is anchored in a symbiotic, hands-on philosophy that settles itself naturally into a comfortable trust. This relationship with clients is sacred and generates a vital energy that allows me to create distinctive photographs in beautiful places with people that lean into me with every ounce of their vulnerability. It is from this place of utter trust that I am able to do what I love so much. 
At home I live a child-led life, unschooling my 3 children on our 1300 acre wheat farm, raising chickens and goats, and digging deep into the inherent values of legacy and the rewards received when we give ourselves over to it.  

Motherphotographer lives somewhere in the middle. It's the culmination of a personal and professional life of ongoing learning. I've fallen hard and exceeded my self- limitations, family in tow. Now, I'm going to turn myself inside out for you. No secrets, no cards pinned to my chest. I'm here to offer real advice and education from someone still doing the work. 


become apart of it

When I started in 2015, I had 2 small kids, was living on food stamps and in the midst of a court battle that saw us evicted from our home. Photography was my outlet and gave me the opportunity to provide for my family. Years later, I'm grateful to receive as many mentorship inquiries as I do weddings, and although I wish I could take them all, time is always a limitation. This inability to help left a bad taste in my mouth as I wanted to give back to the community that has given so much to me. 

Motherphotographer is just that- an anthem from my soul; a searing love-letter to those who are just like me- mothers, fathers, struggling humans trying to make it all work. It's an ongoing, growth-minded exploration of ourselves and our work through actionable and bite-size education to help you turn a side gig into a full time passionate career. You'll be sidling up beside me to watch me work, learn as I learn, and take heed from my current to past failures. Discover how I navigate the challenges of merging creative work and running a business. 

I'm going to encourage you to follow your nose, pivot with your interests, and own your art while fully existing in a brand without stifling precious pieces of yourself. I want you to march directly into your potential by being exactly who you are.


+ 3-4 monthly pieces of relevant no-bullshit educational content you can immediately implement into your practice.  

+ Inclusion to our private Facebook community where you'll have the ability to make meaningful connections to form your industry network. (Not going to lie, this room is full of the creme de la creme of humans.) 

+ A monthly Q&A Facebook LIVE gathering where we'll have lively group discussions on a variety of topics.  

+ Honest opinions, heartfelt advice, and an exchange of real experiences from hard-learned lessons both past and present. 

+ Total transparency in every aspect of my life and business operation. I want you to feel my day to day so that you can harness every aspect of your own for the benefit of your work.

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members testimonials

"laurken you have enriched my business and my photography.the space you created with our group, full of shared honest love and wisdom, enriches my business and images. all that you teach from the heart enriches how i approach my sessions and show up for my clients. so thank you." 


"I've always had a lot of anxiety leading up to shoots and weddings. since becoming a member of mopho,i've gained so much insight and knowledge through laurken and her years of experience that my anxiety has dissipated. i feel much more confident using the tools i've learned here going into each job and feel more prepared/ excited than ever with each inquiry. this community that laurken has built has helped me to give myself space for those feeligns of anxiety but also know that i'm capable. i now trust myself to deliver an experience to my clients that im proud of. 


"Rembering what laurken says about the 'weight of the work' has allowed me to truly be in love with what i'm creating. i am overwhelmed by the excitement i get shooting now. i truly believe this platform and group have helped remind me that this is where i'm meant to be. i am so grateful. thank you mama laurken." 


"My work has been blooming effortlessly as i continue to find my grounding. this group and laurken have brought true connection and meaning to my work. this has helped open my center of intention and creativity to photography. so grateful."


"I just did my first wedding since being in this group.i Took laurkens advice and did things that were out of my comfort zone, like leaving the mess and embracing it.this way of photography makes my heart sing like it's never sang before. It makes me excited to pick up the camera and edit. 
Thankful for this group. Thankful for mother laurken." 


"thank you laurken for this group and for teaching us your approach to storytelling. it's pushing me out of my comfort zone and now i'm producing images that make me feel." 


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- Access to full class library
-Monthly Personal Project to encourage artistic growth
- Private community to ask questions and build industry network
- 20% off store products
- 20% off private mentorships with Laurken
- 1 Monthly Live Q&A session

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