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+Transparent/Painfully Honest/No Bullshit Advice & Education 

+My Entire Workflow Now & As It Evolves

+Tools to Help You Grow As an Artist While Making Meaningful Work

+Business Planning & Implementation 

+Branding Yourself & Wordsmithing

+Manufacturing Emotions & Dynamic Directing

+Planning And Guiding Weddings, Couple & Family Sessions

+Romancing & Managing Clients

PLUS: Philosophy and Musings on Life & Parenting

I was a mother on foodstamps in 2015 and now I am the breadwinner of my family, bringing in a quarter million dollars a year. I built a career by myself- but I also sort of didn't. I had people to guide me. Everyone needs a mentor, a hand to hold, someone to walk them through the beginning or the dark parts. This is the spirit behind the membership.

Guidance, encouragement, community. It's really that simple.

In the course of this membership I'm going to teach you the Weight of the Work while also helping you expand artistically to operate a profitable brand that feels like you.

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This is a space for those who want to bet all their chips on themselves. Around here we have  big responsibilities and hearta full of hope for the future. We find bad words cathartic therapy, because that's just how life fucking feels sometimes. We carry heavy burdens, artistic yearning and the weight of our dreams. We make changes that seem way out of our comfort zone because we believe in infinite potential for achievement. And we take long hard looks at ourselves to growl off the doubt and demons so we can nurture the drive cowering behind that useless fear.  

It's a space for mothers, for fathers, for busy human beings who want to be better, find fulfillment, and build abundance on their own terms. It's a space to grow for yourself and for your family without sacrificing your identity. Tune in, because we're tuning out the bullshit so you can carve out the life that echoes who you really are. 

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DOwn the rabbit hole

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no bullshit approach

immediate & actionable insight for life & business

raw & sweet 7-10 minute videos+PODCASTS

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members testimonials

"laurken you have enriched my business and my photography.the space you created with our group, full of shared honest love and wisdom, enriches my business and images. all that you teach from the heart enriches how i approach my sessions and show up for my clients. so thank you." 


"I've always had a lot of anxiety leading up to shoots and weddings. since becoming a member of mopho,i've gained so much insight and knowledge through laurken and her years of experience that my anxiety has dissipated. i feel much more confident using the tools i've learned here going into each job and feel more prepared/ excited than ever with each inquiry. this community that laurken has built has helped me to give myself space for those feeligns of anxiety but also know that i'm capable. i now trust myself to deliver an experience to my clients that im proud of. 


"Rembering what laurken says about the 'weight of the work' has allowed me to truly be in love with what i'm creating. i am overwhelmed by the excitement i get shooting now. i truly believe this platform and group have helped remind me that this is where i'm meant to be. i am so grateful. thank you mama laurken." 


"My work has been blooming effortlessly as i continue to find my grounding. this group and laurken have brought true connection and meaning to my work. this has helped open my center of intention and creativity to photography. so grateful."


"I just did my first wedding since being in this group.i Took laurkens advice and did things that were out of my comfort zone, like leaving the mess and embracing it.this way of photography makes my heart sing like it's never sang before. It makes me excited to pick up the camera and edit. 
Thankful for this group. Thankful for mother laurken." 


"thank you laurken for this group and for teaching us your approach to storytelling. it's pushing me out of my comfort zone and now i'm producing images that make me feel." 


You should know right now that if you can't handle people in their entirety, for better or worse, that I am not for you. In this space, we run on bad words and thinking out loud. This membership is about self-expansion and growth. It's about becoming confident enough to stand up for ourselves, know that we can attract the perfect clients and be present in our art. This is a safe space for sharing whatever it is that you create in that journey. I am who I am, in life and business, and harnessing my raw and curious nature has rewarded me time and time again. I want you to know how to do the same- building a business that could never belong to anyone else but you.

build A Business that could never belong to anyone but you

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- 3-4 monthly classes + related templates each month
- Access to ever growing library of classes
-Industry Expert Interviews+ Discounts
- Access to private mentorship community to ask questions and build industry network
- 20% off store products
- 1 Monthly Live Q&A session