Yes. If you feel you aren't receiving what you need or times get lean, you may cancel at any time. I'll be here if/when you can return. That said, PLEASE NOTE* you will have to rejoin at whatever the current rate is. To cancel, go to your member profile in the MP Dashboard or email motherphotogmembership@gmail.com

When will content be available each month?

I created this for busy people (like us) and will be creating under the often wild and unpredictable circumstances of life.

Content will be released a bit randomly throughout the month depending on my work schedule. Some months may be a batch drop during the first weeks while others will see content released more consistently throughout the month. However, no matter when content is released, I am promising you thoughtful, useful, easily digested content every single month. 

Who is this for?

This membership is geared toward people who want to see more of themselves in their existing or budding photography business. Feel less fearful, less people pleasing and give themselves permission to create art they can be proud of for clients who trust implicitly. Content is created with those who are short on time in mind. Whether it's a family, second job, or just a full-time schedule keeping you in motion, my intention is to offer you content that is as digestible and easy to put into practice as possible. 

I'm a new photographer, is this for me?

This membership is for photographers who already understand how to use their cameras and are either beginning a business or already have an existing one. Everything that I share here will be both insightful and applicable for all levels of couples, family, and wedding photographers that are eager to grow in their craft and create success.