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Yes. If you feel you aren't receiving what you need or times get lean, you may cancel at any time. I'll be here if/when you can return. That said, PLEASE NOTE* that if you signed on at the Founding Member price, cancelling will result in a loss of that Founding Member rate. So if/when you decide to rejoin, you will need to sign up at the current price of membership. 

When will content be available each month?

I created this for busy people (like us) and will be creating under the often wild and unpredictable circumstances of life.

Content will be released a bit randomly throughout the month depending on my work schedule. Some months may be a batch drop during the first weeks while others will see content released more consistently throughout the month. However, no matter when content is released, I am promising you 3-4 educational pieces in your library by the last day of each month.

Who is this for?

This membership is geared toward people with limited time for learning. Whether it's a family, second job, or just a full-time schedule keeping you in motion, my intention is to offer you content that is as digestible and easy to put into practice as possible. 

I'm a new photographer, is this for me?

Absolutely 100% yes this is for you! Everything that I share here will be both insightful and applicable for all levels of couples, family, and wedding photographers that are eager to nurture their craft.